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About Katie Grammes

Katie Grammes specializes in avant garde photography through a passion rooted deep dating back into her childhood. With stunning concepts and effects, her captivating photography work is naturally taken with her handcrafted creations with intentions to encompass the true essence of the art she envisioned. Starting from Maryland, she relocated and is currently residing in the thriving art world we call New York City. Katie has graduated from School of Visual Arts with a degree in photography and is continuously immersed in new ventures related to her craft.


Katie Grammes has experience with independent companies and large corporations based in New York City such as Bloomingdales. From galleries on Lexington to theater productions on off Broadway along with various film sets, famous authors 

and magazine publications, Katie has proven to live photography through her love of it.


When she was younger she painted and staged photographs for her work. Slowly the craft came before the shot by the age of 16 and Katherine has been shooting photography ever since. If you have any questions or comments pertaining to Katie or her work click “contact” at the top bar and expect to have a great experience.

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